Salamandre, the music brand, was founded by Vincent Figuri in 2012. The name is most apt as the salamander is an animal that resists fire and injury and has the capacity to self-rejuvenate. Salamandre offers two series to the public. The first series features original works never before published. French music and musical works incorporating a spoken narrative are welcome. This series is baptized World premiere.

The second series features recordings for the young audiences and is called Once upon a time… The principle purpose of the series is to produce previously unpublished works or, on exception, programs dedicated to the narration of a story respectfully incorporated to music. To educate more children to classical music worldwide, Salamandre is in search of a sponsor to enlarge that series to the 6 languages of UNESCO.

Salamander aims to offer the public products that not only are agreeable to the ears but also to the eyes. The overall presentation is carefully created as well as the content of the musicological notes and relevant information in the booklet accompanying the cd.

Salamandre welcomes proposals of musical and narrative projects as well as suggestions for brand development.

Salamandre is supported by :